Trade Finance – Credit Guarantee
A credit guarantee policy is a guarantee of payment for the merchandise shipped or services rendered to your customer in case of financial insolvency.

Protection Against Your Customer Filing Bankruptcy and Insolvency
The credit guarantee will reimburse losses on covered accounts. It helps to protect profit margins and protects your assets.

Credit Risk Evaluation
When selling on credit to a new customer or extending additional credit to an existing customer, it’s important to know the customer’s current credit history. You chose the credit you wish to extend.

Increase Sales Volume
A credit guarantee may allow you to extend a larger credit line to your valued customers, while allowing you to be comfortable with the amount of risk you assume.

This service is only a credit guarantee and not a product guarantee. Any product dispute must be resolved among clients, vendors, and end buyers.

An Effective Way to Speed Up Your Cash-Flow

Based on the credit of qualified US buyers, this program offers the quick release of payment to the Chinese supplier. Payment is made immediately upon inspection of the goods by a 3rd party and acceptance of the goods by the buyer prior to the arrival of the goods in the US. This process is done on a recourse and non-recourse basis dependant upon the end buyer.

The Simple Way to Grow Your Business
This is an alternative cash flow solution that doesn’t involve borrowing or giving up equity ownership in your business. Since there is no debt or equity involved, factoring is far more flexible with fewer restrictions than a bank or venture capital financing.

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