Hard Assets Lending
This is a great program for anyone that may have hard assets. We will help take in just about any hard asset, i.e. Museum Quality Gems, Art, Gold, Diamonds, Mining Assets with SKR's and of course Bank Instruments. We like to see insurance wraps in most cases but not all. This program will allow you to take a stagnant asset and make money with it through a trade platform program. It’s a great way to make money to fund projects or generate additional income. The asset has to be free and clear, not leased and we will do a background check to make sure they are real.

We will need to know where the SKR is from... If it is in the USA and in The New York Depository or the Sarasota Vault they will be good to go. If not they might have to be moved. Once we view the SKR we can check on the ability to the asset.

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