Stock Loans
While it's true that a margin loan might be the right cash liquidity choice for many stock owners, a standard brokerage margin loan will not meet the needs of everyone. For these stock owners, a STOCK LOAN can serve as a feature-rich alternative to traditional margin-based lending.


50% loan-to-value Margin/house calls require borrower to cover shortfalls with additional cash or stocks; recourse loan; Lender can demand not only stocks, but additional assets in the event of unpaid shortfall or nonpayment. Default is freely reportable to credit bureaus, especially if the loan is not repaid. Client cash tied usually to one brokerage account unless sold. Cash available by selling stocks outright from account, Regular account statements. Must apply to qualify for margin account; often minimum balance.


Up to 90% loan-to-value; no margin calls for any reason. 100% hedged portfolio limits risk of loss; margin calls unnecessary; nonrecourse loan. Client can freely default at any time, forfeiting only stocks, even if stocks are worthless. Client keeps cash. Nonrecourse freedom means default never reported to credit agencies. Default is a borrower right. Loan cash available for any legal purpose, not tied to account. Cash loan means no sale of stock. Tax deferral is possible regular account statements. No qualifying required. Your stocks are your passport to a STOCK LOAN.


Stock must be publicly traded


Interest rate from 4.00%-7.5% fixed - Use low, fixed rates to refinance other loans such as real-estate. LTV up to 90% - Retire margin debt and get more cash with advance rate of up to 90% against your stock, instead of 50% offered in margin accounts. Select Terms from 2-5 years - Non-recourse, non-callable - No margin calls, no house calls. If your stock depreciates you have the choice to default without attachment of other assets or effect to your credit rating. Small interest payments until maturity. Balance due at maturity, if Loans is being paid off. Your cash can be free to service other debt or any other cash flow requirements. The only restriction is you can not purchase the same stock you borrowed against.

LOAN SIZE: 5m TO 500 Million

Please note that these criteria apply to stocks trading on any exchange in the World.

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